Sunday, August 12, 2018

1855 Premium Black Angus Beef

The Power of Black Angus

For those interested in the promotional power of a breed-specific choice beef program, the quality of 1855 Black Angus delivers like no other.
  • The Black Angus breed is known throughout the world for delivering a phenomenal eating experience with rock solid consistency.
  • Consumers respond to the Black Angus name on menus and in meat cases.
  • Strong consumer pull of the Black Angus name means increased purchase intent and higher returns.

The Unparalleled Quality of the 1855 Brand™
When you combine the power of the Black Angus name with the exceptional eating experience of the Halperns' 1855 Brand, you get the best of both worlds.

  • Halperns' 1855 Brand Premium Black Angus Beef program goes beyond typical Angus programs, thanks to an unprecedented level of consistency and quality assurance.
  • Upper 2/3 USDA Choice, hand selected for ideal marbling.
  • Aged minimum 21 days for maximum tenderness.
  • Bright cherry red lean and finely textured.
  • A government certified program.

Incomparable Cattle Selection & Availability
No one starts with a bigger selection of the very best Black Angus cattle than we do and only 10% of those already superior cattle measure up to our standards.

Our inventory of 1885 Premium Beef is extensive and aged to perfection.

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