Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Manchester Farms

Manchester Farms is the oldest, most respected, and largest producer of farm raised quail in the United States. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the exceptional customer service we provide to our distributor, restaurant, and retail customers. You will not find better customer service anywhere in our industry. In 1974, our first year in commercial production, we processed over 23,000 quail the whole year. Now we average processing over 110,000 birds per week. We do all this with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Carolina Poulet Rouge

(poo-lay' rooj fare-myay' do pee-moan')

"The Other Red Meat"

  • An original Label Rouge rustic breed from France
  • Never before grown in the U.S.
  • Grown following Label Rouge standards
  • Air chilled
  • Grown on small farms in Piedmont, N.C.
  • No antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants
  • Fed all-grain diet with no animal byproducts
  • Regarded as the chicken with the finest culinary qualities in the world
  • Enhanced flavor, great meat texture, very thin skin
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POULET ROUGE FERMIER (Red Heritage Chicken): In North America, all commercial, natural and organic chickens are produced from very similar genetic stock, which are fast growing, white feathered birds that grow to 5#-7# in about 6 weeks. Although this bird is very efficient in feed conversion and growing time, it lacks the culinary qualities of birds grown in specialty programs in Europe and other parts of the world. A market exists for chefs in fine dining restaurants to offer their guests a chicken that is distinguishably different from chickens served in casual dining and fast food restaurants whose menus are priced much lower. The same needs exist for specialty retailers to be able to offer poultry products that are different from their chain store competition.

This information is from the Joyce Foods Web Page.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Safety & Logistics

Facility Safety

With over 100,000-plus square feet of specialized temperature-controlled refrigerated storage and processing space, Halperns' operates one of the largest food service meat specialty facilities in the United States, completely dedicated to center-of-the-plate proteins.


Food safety is paramount to our operation. We are inspected and certified by outside agencies whose requirements exceed those of the USDA. We inspect our suppliers' facilities to ensure wholesome practices on their part, and we take the extra steps necessary to provide you with the assurance that we strictly manage a system that safeguards the products we deliver to your door.

  • HACCP- Halperns' is a further processing facility operating under an established Quality Assurance Program and a fully implemented HACCP Plan with all appropriate Critical Control Points identified.
  • Quality Assurance-Halperns' offers the guarantee that the goods we sell have not been adulterated or altered as defined by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (United States Code, Title 21, Chapter 9, Section 342).
  • Metal Detection-All Halperns' Cut Product passes through a Fortress Metal Detector that is more sensitive than USDA requirements.
  • Sanitation-Second to none in the industry, 100% of Halperns' employees are committed to our total operation sanitation program. Our production is stopped 8 hours/day for a deep clean. We do a weekly sanitation fog of our production areas to eliminate all environmental bacteria. We also go the additional mile with our truck sanitation program to ensure that deliveries are made on clean trucks.
  • SANOVA-As an intervention step Halperns' has committed to a 360o Anti-Microbial wash that exceeds the requirements of the USDA. Recent verifications have shown over four times the required reduction in harmful pathogens.
  • Temperature Control-From receiving to storage, production and shipping, our docks, coolers, freezer and production rooms are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day. All areas of the facility are kept well below Critical Limits in order to extend shelf life and to eliminate the incidence of spoilage bacteria growth.
  • Process Control-No raw material boxes ever enter the processing area. All raw material packaging is sanitized before entering the processing area. Knife dip stations are available in five locations throughout the cut shop to sterilize processing equipment.
  • Product Separation-Halperns' is compliant with all required species separation throughout storage and production areas.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices-Halperns' employees are issued a clean BioSmart smock, apron, hair and beard net and a sanitary bag with new, nitrile and cotton gloves, sleeves and plastic apron daily. Employees must remove all jewelry, walk through a sanitizing foot foam, and are required to wash hands with an approved E2 hand soap. No gum, food or drink are ever allowed in the processing areas.
  • AIB-Halperns' voluntarily participates in third party audits. We currently hold the highest possible ranking of "Superior" with AIB.

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