Monday, August 13, 2018

Halperns' Steak & Seafood

The tradition began in 1966 when Howard Halpern arrived in Atlanta to start his own perishable food distribution business. With a talent for anticipating industry needs, he became one of the first in the country to distribute boxed beef. A top-quality cut shop soon followed.

Halperns' The Gourmet Grocer, located in Lenox Square, followed in 1979 and resided in one of the country's first food courts. Halperns' The Gourmet Grocer was voted "best meat and seafood market" by the Atlanta public for four consecutive years. Then, in 1983, with five butchers, the Halpern family started a meat distribution company, with a drive and passion that was instrumental in revolutionizing the industry.

Halperns' is proud to offer only the highest-quality proteins from suppliers that reflect our commitment to quality and match our drive to exceed our client's expectation. Many of these suppliers are steeped in a rich family history like our own; with pride and dedication unmatched in today's fast-paced world.

From the farm to the table, sustainable agricultural practices are one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry. Halperns' is committed to helping our customers achieve their environmental objectives, as well as incorporating an ever-growing number of green initiatives into our own operations.

Whenever possible, we buy from local farmers and producers. In addition, we partner with national companies who have devoted significant resources to practices that protect the environment. Halperns' also contributes to the sustainability cycle through efficient transportation and fuel conservation. Two new facilities in Florida, one of our busiest markets, help decrease our trucking mileage. We also restrict fleet speed to reduce fuel consumption and provide financial incentives to drivers who further diminish fuel costs, returning a portion of the savings to them.

If you peek at the products inside those trucks, the packaging material tells another environmental story. Boxes contain recycled content and we're engaged in related recycling and composting efforts; a portion of the film wrap is derived from recycled water bottles; and we've instituted an impressive pallet recycling program.

Our green initiatives extend into our operations. A total energy conservation system in our primary production facility has achieved a 30 percent energy reduction. Motion sensors connected to our lighting system, along with condensed production schedules, have decreased related energy needs by 15 percent. And, we save tens of thousands of gallons of water annually by converting many cooling systems to efficient, closed-loop glycol-based equipment.

These combined efforts are not just good business practices; they are the wave of the future as we join others in the foodservice industry to reduce our impact on the world. As we move toward the future, we will continue to explore the path that leads to greener pastures.

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Halperns' - Purveyors of Steak & Seafood
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Halperns' Distribution Map

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

1855 Premium Black Angus Beef

The Power of Black Angus

For those interested in the promotional power of a breed-specific choice beef program, the quality of 1855 Black Angus delivers like no other.
  • The Black Angus breed is known throughout the world for delivering a phenomenal eating experience with rock solid consistency.
  • Consumers respond to the Black Angus name on menus and in meat cases.
  • Strong consumer pull of the Black Angus name means increased purchase intent and higher returns.

The Unparalleled Quality of the 1855 Brand™
When you combine the power of the Black Angus name with the exceptional eating experience of the Halperns' 1855 Brand, you get the best of both worlds.

  • Halperns' 1855 Brand Premium Black Angus Beef program goes beyond typical Angus programs, thanks to an unprecedented level of consistency and quality assurance.
  • Upper 2/3 USDA Choice, hand selected for ideal marbling.
  • Aged minimum 21 days for maximum tenderness.
  • Bright cherry red lean and finely textured.
  • A government certified program.

Incomparable Cattle Selection & Availability
No one starts with a bigger selection of the very best Black Angus cattle than we do and only 10% of those already superior cattle measure up to our standards.

Our inventory of 1885 Premium Beef is extensive and aged to perfection.

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Super Prime

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dry Aged Beef

Proper aging is the next step in developing the best-tasting beef. Scientific research has shown that to maximize proteolytic degradation, or the breakdown of connective tissue, a minimum of 21 days age is required. We know from our experience that certain cuts benefit greatly from even more age. Our coolers are monitored on a consistent basis and maintained at optimum temperatures to allow us to go up to 45 days and beyond for those customers who request it.
In addition to traditional wet aging, we are also pleased to offer dry aging, known for its deep rich complex flavor. You have never had a better steak than a Halperns’ dry aged-steak.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Halperns' Portioned Meat Guide

Black Diamond Steaks & Chops

Halperns' has launched the Black Diamond Steaks and chops programs for the most discerning customer, who can be assured of receiving the finest steaks and chops money can buy. the bone-in and boneless steaks and chops are all perfectly aged, precision-cut USDA prime.

  • Breed - All Angus type
  • Feed - Midwestern corn-fed, for a minimum of 150 days
  • Purchasing - Halperns' only buys beef from a handful of select growers located in the heartland of America. These corn-fed Angus type cattle are known for having the richest marbling and finest texture.
  • Selection - Once the beef arrives at Halperns', it must pass our rigorous selection process. We look at each and every loin of beef, and select only the best cuts for our Black Diamond label. We look for firm, white fat; excellent muscle confirmation; exceptional marbling; a firm texture; and a deep, ruby-red color.
  • Aging - These sub-primals, following selection, are placed on racks in our aging cooler (specially designed for this purpose, with 360-degree airflow and temperatures that are kept between 36-38 degrees) for a minimum of 30 days.

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Angus Tomahawk Ribeye Chop

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


As versatile as it is traditional, lamb continues to be one of the most dynamic center-of-the-plate options. Halperns’ inventory is packed with options, from heavy domestic product to a full selection of imported items. You will certainly be able to find an item and a price point to fit your menu needs. One of our highest quality suppliers in this category is The Grove Meat Company.

Where the Quality Originates
grove-largeAt The Grove Meat Company, Inc., the finest and freshest USDA Choice and Prime American Lamb is all we process and distribute. This was established in 1980 when Salvador Aguilar first opened the cooler doors of the Grove Meat Company. Quality is what would separate his lamb company from all the others. And so has it remained to this day. His experience with lamb dates back to the 1950’s and his interest in serving his customers with highest regard goes back even further. This dedication has been forwarded on to the second generation, his sons. It is from their skill and knowledge that Grove can guarantee only The Finest in American Lamb and will continue to do so in the years to come.
Imported Lamb
Australian Lamb is available to U.S. customers in a variety of product lines and numerous cuts and sizes. Halperns’ is proud to feature a couple of different brands, both harvested to our demanding specification is truly the next generation of lamb. Imported Australian Lamb is featured on so many menus these days. Australian lambs are raised on the country’s unspoiled pastureland, without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. The genetics results in a lean, flavorful, all-natural product. Stringent feed management practices and selection processes, coupled with strict product specification, consistently produce a quality product. Australian Lamb is naturally aged for tenderness and the mild flavor offers unsurpassed freshness, quality, and value on today’s menus.
In addition to the Australian Lamb, which is predominately available fresh, we also feature lamb from New Zealand. New Zealand Lamb is typically available frozen.

Charleston Chop

Trying to balance your food cost and quality level while giving your customers highly sought after items is no easy task. That’s why we’ve partnered with Grove Lamb to bring you the Charleston Lamb Chop.

This is 14-16 oz of pure succulent American lamb with no kernel fat or deckle.

Perfect for Crusting, Grilling, or Roasting. The eye is large, clean, and bursting with flavor. Single bone only, French- cut and squared on the bottom for presentation.