Thursday, August 9, 2018

Black Diamond Steaks & Chops

Halperns' has launched the Black Diamond Steaks and chops programs for the most discerning customer, who can be assured of receiving the finest steaks and chops money can buy. the bone-in and boneless steaks and chops are all perfectly aged, precision-cut USDA prime.

  • Breed - All Angus type
  • Feed - Midwestern corn-fed, for a minimum of 150 days
  • Purchasing - Halperns' only buys beef from a handful of select growers located in the heartland of America. These corn-fed Angus type cattle are known for having the richest marbling and finest texture.
  • Selection - Once the beef arrives at Halperns', it must pass our rigorous selection process. We look at each and every loin of beef, and select only the best cuts for our Black Diamond label. We look for firm, white fat; excellent muscle confirmation; exceptional marbling; a firm texture; and a deep, ruby-red color.
  • Aging - These sub-primals, following selection, are placed on racks in our aging cooler (specially designed for this purpose, with 360-degree airflow and temperatures that are kept between 36-38 degrees) for a minimum of 30 days.

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