Monday, February 3, 2014

Preferred Fine Foods

Founded in 2005, Preferred Fine Foods has a passion for high quality hand made products.


They take the time and special effort to find or develop those products to make them available to our customers.


They are your best resource for ideas that can expand your menu, save time, labor and increase your profitability.


They strive to build a strong relationship between Chefs, Distributors and Manufactures to allow for the free flow of creative ideas!


Hand crafted unique hors d'oeuvres for the most discriminating of chefs.

Shown below are pictures of a few of our most popular items...

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1.    Spicy Beef Empanada
2.    Beef Wellington Puff
3.    Mini Kobe Cheeseburger
4.    Quince & Manchego Phyllo Star
5.    Chicken Coconut Finger
6.    Chicken Saltimbocca
7.    BBQ Chicken Biscuit
8.    Chicken Marsala Pot Pie
9.    Mac & Cheese Popper with Ham
10.  Cheddar Biscuit w/ Black Forest Ham
11.  Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla
12.  Mini Meatball Parmesian Sandwich
13.  Lobster Cobbler
14.  Wild Mushroom Phyllo
15.  Bella Flora Puff

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