Friday, June 8, 2018

Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Seafood is one of our industries hottest topics. Over the last several years food service has experienced a heightened public awareness of what they are eating and how these products are grown and harvested.

Along with a more mindful approach to food source, has come a more mindful trend toward sourcing environmentally responsible product. Halperns' has fully embraced this movement and provides our customers with a wide range of Fresh Seafood that is harvested from well managed fisheries who maintain healthy species population.

We also have developed strong relationships with several "day boat" fishing fleets. In addition, we have allied with several farms and suppliers in an effort to support and promote sustainable aquaculture, including "Cleanfish".

Whether you are looking for a Wild Caught, hook and line fresh catch or a trademark farm friendly brand, Halperns' is sure to bring a variety of environmentally responsible prizes to your menu.

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